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Oct 27 '11

42nd birthday thoughts…

One day I’ll soon be a grandpa
All the pretty girls will call me “sir,”
Now, where they’re asking me how things are
Soon they’ll ask me how things were
Well, I don’t mind being a longboarding grandpa
If you’ll be my awsome grandma
I suggest we have a little cool conch salad
In the shade down in old Nassau

And there we’ll do just as we please
It ain’t nothing but a breeze

Life is much too short for some folks
For other folks it just drags on
Some folks like the taste of smooth tequila
Others figure tea is too strong

I’m the type of guy who likes it right down the middle
I don’t like all this bouncing back and forth
Me, I want to live with my feet in Dixie
And my head in the cool blue North

— Jimmy Buffett, “Nothing’ But a Breeze”

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